The Small Dog is under the weather…

The Small Dog

I’ve been feeling under the weather,

It is winter and bones can get cold…

Especially when you reach my age

And your two-legs keeps saying “You’re old.”


Now, I know that in ‘dog years’ I’m eldest,

Though the theory has been disproved

That I’ll age seven years in your twelvemonth

So the argument leaves me unmoved.


Because, me, I’m a puppy when playing…

I can chase, fetch and squeak things all day

Where she’ll only survive for an hour

Before she tries running away.


I can go chase a cat in the garden,

Then I’ll see off the birds, it’s no chore

And  if cows are becoming a problem,

I can see off the whole herd mid-snore.


But my two legs appears to be fragile,

There are some who would treat her like glass…

Meanwhile, I think that she would do better,

If she…

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