Take Time To Smell The Roses.

Ally's Notebook

I have an 87 year old friend that is learning how to use his new cell phone.

This morning he took a photo and sent it to me in the hope that it worked.

What a lovely surprise to receive these beautiful roses.

There is a history behind these roses.

Several years ago my friend decided to build a dam in a plot of land quite close to his house. Unfortunately the idea was a disaster, wouldn’t contain the water and left a soggy boggy mess which attracted mosquitoes big time.

He decided to refill the area without the expense of paying someone. He advertised for truck loads of waste land fill from building sites to be delivered free. After months of waiting he finally got the land fill rocks soil etc that he needed. Unfortunately the trucks couldn’t get access to the dam so he had to cart wheel…

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2 thoughts on “Take Time To Smell The Roses.

  1. The courage of some people never ceases to amaze me. I lost my beautiful wife to pancreatic cancer. She had an operation called a splanchnicectomy and contracted a severe stomach bug from being left to come round on a general ward. She was ill from every orifice and had to be taken to another hospital. I complained-she didn’t. It near broke her heart to have to give her horse to someone 5 days before she went into a hospice. I lived on the floor or in the staff lounge with my daughter and other family members for 6 days until she passed away. Never once did she complain
    Huge Hugs

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