The Passageway – Part 2

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Part 1

John Hopkins HospitalThe day of the horrific accident

The scene was mass hysteria after the car rammed full-force into the coffee shop. People scattered as far from the destruction as possible, except Deborah, John, and Oliver. Their bloodied bodies lay lifeless at the scene. When the dust settled, people in the area started towards the shop to help where they could. The police and EMTs arrived shortly after, asking the growing crowd to stay back to let everyone do their jobs. It was like a war zone. Heard from the wounded were frantic yells and cries but also from those spared from the carnage. 

The EMTs immediately transported Deborah, John, and Oliver’s bruised and battered bodies to the hospital. The nurses and doctors in the ER bays were working frantically to address their injuries. All three had required resuscitation at the scene…

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