Keep it Real

Peacock Poetry

Being human and imperfect is one of my favourite topics to write about. We humans invest so much time and energy into ironing out our creases when what is most endearing is our real, spontaneous self with all of its wrinkles and idiosyncrasies. When we take the pressure off of trying to be perfect, we are such much more fun to be around. And surely that’s the point?

Perfection Deconstructed

Perfection, it does not exist

A goal that’s out of reach

We try to hit it and we miss

it’s downfalls sure do teach

Let’s suck it up, we all fuck up

What counts is we’re authentic

No need to build the pressure up

Let’s come from what’s heart-centric

I’ll do my best and let the rest

occur as it was meant to

As long as my soul I invest

I’ll be who I intend to

There’ll be surprises, they’ll…

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