Applying myself for 2021


Getting the head in the right mindset to apply myself back into the SW plan has taken a while. The goodies I bought ‘For Christmas’ are mostly still where I stored them, and in years past we would probably have scoffed the lot by now and not given much thought to tight trousers and tees, or getting puffed just by putting the washing or rubbish out.
Said goodies all have a good date on them, well into the Summer, so I can reward myself on weigh in days ONLY if I’ve lost something. It’s a plan.
The food diary is up and running, and on Day 1, I listed my current weight, target and parameters for SW, and my aim.
There is no timeframe other than getting back in target, and the first official text in is Sunday 3rd January. I have checked the bible which is now sitting alongside…

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