Chai And A Chat #116 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 40

But I Smile Anyway...

So it’s Monday, again, Peeps. And I’m kinda jumping for joy right now because it is the first day of my freedom, after 10 days of self isolation!

I’ve got the joy of grocery shopping to do, but hey, at least I can get out of the house if I need to, now, even for a walk!

Right, got your drink?

  • If we were having chaiI’dstartwith telling you I had a really quiet week. And I really think I needed it, to be honest. I haven’t left the house, and rather than constanty cleaning, or pottering I spent days reading, dozing, eating, reading, watching TV… you get the picture? It has been quite lovely, actually. Aand whilst bingewatching TV, I discovered Bridgerton. Oh, my! I absolutely loved the series! Yes, I have read much about the controvertial plot in the book, regarding a rape of a character, which wasn’t…

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