#WildlifeWednesday – The Osprey: Pandion haliaetus

The Write Stuff

Hi, Everybody. As promised, I’m back (finally!) with a new #WildlifeWednesday for your viewing pleasure. Hope you’ll enjoy this quick overview from one of my nature presentations that I present locally a couple times a month. It’s been shortened, yes, but there’s still a good bit of info for you, and of course, some very pretty images.

Last time around, we talked about the Bald Eagle. If you missed that one, you can checkHERE And as you’ll see, most of these slides have information for those of you interested that I may or may not repeat here or there in the text I’m adding today.

As I mentioned last time, people often get eagles and ospreys confused, especially from a distance, so we’ll see if today’s post will further help you to tell them apart. If you remember, the adult bald eagle is solid dark brown, except for…

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