The Christmas Star

Poetry collection

Today, the universe will put an act for our rejuvenation,

As the gas giant’s spectacle in planetary conjunction,

Saturn and Jupiter will finally hug, after eight centuries of being afar,

They will shine like a merged stellar birthing a new Christmas star!

Probably one such great event became a spiritual emblem,

When the majestic star conjured the blessed sky of Bethlehem,

Guiding, the wise Magi’s on a miracle journey towards Jerusalem,

To pay homage to the birth of Jesus, who rose to restore this world’s Shalem!

In this collapsing era, our faith is the only source of true magic,

Denial and disbelief in nature will only make our lives more tragic!

Hence like the wise men, guide your intuition and open your heart,

For the birth of the lord within you and see all your troubles will depart!

Either a believer or a sceptic, look forward to this mystical night,

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