Ani’s Advent 2020! Introducing Roscoe and Friends, including Jemima Pett.

The Small Dog

Dear Santa,

I’m a bit sleepy this morning, so I borrowed her pillow. She’s been up a lot of the night and we got to talking. She tells me that she hasn’t always just had dogs. I am aware that she has had birds… and even cats…and she still has fish… but did you know she has also had mice, a rat, hamsters… and guinea pigs?

Her first one wasn’t really a guineau pig though. He was a leprechaun. One of the Little People. He wanted to see the world and travel a bit, so came back from Ireland with her grandparents after a trip there. But as Little People cannot leave Irish soil in their own form, he changed into a guinea pig and stayed that way for years. Or sp her gandad told her.

Another guinea pig was Fred… a French rosetted female that thought she was…

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