Thursday Photo Prompt – Cracked Ice #writephoto


Sue’s photoprompt this week is another beauty. Look at those fantastic colours!
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The amethyst sky pinkened to gold and all sense of time was lost.
Unsure if it was a morning dawn or evening sunset, they plodded on.
The ice cracked beneath their feet, crunching in the eerie silence.
Undeterred, they continued on their way, this pathway an established route to the promise of warmth and shelter.
Food was in short supply, but just occasionally a morsel would be found trapped in the icicles, which also provided water for those with strength enough to drink.
Their body fat reserves depleted, it was unlikely the younger ones would survive.
The seasons had taken their toll, confused climates and conditions had thrown their body clocks out, and now it was probably too late.
Such was the cruelty of Nature and the curse of Man’s greed…

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