A Warmer World

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

I marvel at just how clever and effective the climate change alarmists are almost everyday. How is it that they can so easily cover up the obvious fact that the world was warmer in the past? That they should want to do this and indeed need to do this, I do understand. You can’t argue the world is on fire and it’s our fault if actually, a couple of thousand years ago, the world was warmer than today can you?

Yet, in roman Briton, wine was exported to the rest of the empire. Vines grew very well in the warm and lush British climate of those times. Yet if you try to find reference to this fact online, you may these days have a hard time doing so. But if you google the right combination of words, and get past Google’s censorship of anything that could be remotely construed as…

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