Ani’s Advent 2020! A Christmas Gift from Pamela at Butterfly Sand #shortstory

The Small Dog

Dear Santa,

I’ve been meaning to mention… could we do something about the Tree? I know you don’t do wands, but maybe you could wave an elf or something?

The thing is, I know you know how to manipulate space and time. You manage the whole world in one night and all those presents with one little sleigh and one team of reindeer… There would be complaints from animal activists from here to the North Pole if there wasn’t some kind of magic or quantum science involved. And I only need a little bit more space for my Tree…

She says we’ll manage, but with all her tanks and machines, I’m not sure how. And I need the Tree. Not only does our Robin have to come out to play every year, but you leave all my presents underneath it! Or even sometimes… inside it!

I will never forget the…

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