Why I Am Not Setting Any Goals for 2021, And Neither Should You


The Old Approach

This year will be the first time in a long time that I am not actively goal-setting for an upcoming new year. Goal setting is a process of planning and selecting a target or objective you want to achieve.

There are two reasons why I am abstaining from any goal-setting undertakings.

First, considering the uncertainty of the present, I do not see the strategic value of long-term planning. Secondly, my 2020 activities are more than enough to carry me through the next decade.

Regarding the first reason, how realistic is it to set goals when it is impossible to account for the plethora of indeterminable factors outside of one’s control that could affect a goal’s outcome?

It can also be argued that setting specific long-term goals might lead to people cheating or circumventing the process just to tick “the box” of meeting said goals, which usually results…

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