Stevie Turner

Pete Springer’s comment on my recent blog regarding advice for a frustrated Quora author gave me an idea to write another blog on the topic of the first steps needed in order to become a celebrity. Newspapers are full of articles about celebrities, and to become one definitely helps to sell books. So here goes:

For Girls:

Send off a DVD of yourself (use a silly name like Skylar or Tuesday) singing a song that’s already been covered many times to a TV talent show. If you are chosen to appear on the programme, wear a dress with a neckline that dips to below your navel and a hemline that just about covers your pelvis. Totter about in 12 inch stilettos so that your calf muscles bulge with the trauma of trying to keep you upright. Grin inanely all the time (even when being interviewed), and toss your hair extensions…

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How to Become a Celebrity

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