Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Nothing. I’m trying to decide whether to make lamb curry tonight or tomorrow night — I think tomorrow — and whether or not I need a sweater. It was really warm this morning, but it’s getting colder as I sit here. I think that’s what they predicted on the weather last night.

Garry and I each had a big slice of Owen’s great homemade wheat bread for breakfast. Homemade bread is more like a real meal than just bread. Garry got through both slices. I faded at 1-1/2. There’s nothing “fluffy” about homemade bread. It’s definitely real food.

November woods

I don’t have anything much to say except that the cold is coming on and my bones don’t much like it. I read the first part of an article from AARP about COVID in which descriptions of the symptoms are just about every symptom I have already from something else…

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