Wednesday Writing — Meet the Muse

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Javier Rodrigues at PixabayJavier Rodrigues at Pixabay

Every now and thenDiana Wallace Peachtalks about her muse. In fact, she has more than one. She gets other authors talking about their muses. I listen, mystified. Apparently most authors have a muse — or several. Then I usually respond with the complaint that I don’t seem to have a muse. Actually that could explain some of my problems… but I digress.

Diana has invited everyone to share a conversation with their muse. I was instantly befuddled. However, Diana replied, “Don’t have a muse? Just open the door and see who shows up.”

Well, I already had a post scheduled for today. Plus, it’s dark outside and I wasn’t about to open that door… But then I heard a soft sort of scraping sound, just outside…


Dry, rustling accompanied the movement of huge leathery wings. A long claw…

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