Today is Monday 23rd November


The month is speeding away from us isn’t it, and soon every shop that is open will be playing endless tapes of old Christmas hits and driving people nuts. It was increasingly annoying at one particular store during the festive season because they only had one tape which was on a loop and every time we went in, it was like we’d never left!

I’m still in bed. Lazy me. It’s 7.55 and I’m warm and comfy. Hubby has an INR this morning and hopefully it will have settled down so he won’t have to jab himself anymore. We could go into the supermarket, but don’t really need anything other than ice cream as that is something Hubby can eat with little problem, and it is also good for soothing his throat.
We could do with a few consecutive days of good weather so that we can hire a Rug…

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