Fibbing Friday: my response for 20th November


Here are my answers to the 10 questions set earlier.

1.   What is Kapok?
It’s number 14 on the Chinese takeaway menu.
2.   Where will you find a kernel?
Next to Professor Plum.
3.   If you didn’t know a door as a door, what would you call it?
A stopthedraught
4.   What’s the difference between a yolk and a yoke?
One’s on the inside and the other’s on the outside.
5.   What does E R N I E do?
Nothing for me as I’ve never heard from him.
6.   What is meant by sunny side up?
The way women sunbathe.
7.   What could you wear on your head that would make people think you were awesome?
The winning numbers to the next lottery.
8.   What is meant by cattywampus?
It’s a kitty having a paddy for not getting their own way.
9.   What is an erf?
A dyslexic…

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