Tale Weaver – #302 – Beginnings – November 19th – Stuck in a Rut.


I had been a rut for far too long, and I knew it was time for a change.

But change I knew came with difficulties. Old habits are hard to break. I liked my habits, they were comfortable, predictable, and I knew where I stood with them.

But I also knew I was going nowhere. It was the same shit/different day. I was beginning to despise myself.

The first thing I decided to change was my shopping habit. I always shopped in the afternoon; I was comfortable there with the hordes of others all pursuing the same bargains as me, standing in line at the checkout, often wondering why the person in front of me was buying six packs of toilet deodoriser and one small pack of toilet paper.

I realised one day I had become judgemental of people based on what they bought, how they dressed and how they…

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