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The_Lion_and_Albert_by_Marriott_EdgarIt was Albert that started the problem,
With his ill-fated ‘osses ‘ead stick
And Wallace, the somnolent lion,
Who swallowed the lad double quick.

I grew up on Marriott Edgar,
And the musket Sam wouldn’t pick up,
And Lady Jane’s ghost with the cold dripping toast
Not to mention the Chippendale Mupp.

Dr Seuss was a firm childhood favourite,
Spike Milligan took up the rear,
But I always returned to young Albert
And the stick stuck in Wallace’s ear.

Yet it wasn’t a frivolous pastime,
As history seeped in as well
And I learned about t’ Battle of Hastings
In a way only Edgar could tell.

It isn’t from school I remember
All the glorious tales of my land,
But from reading of Harold at Hastings
“On his ‘oss with his ‘awk in his ‘and.”

And then there was Magna Carta
The first ever human rights bill,
That was…

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