Caramel’s Crib

Caramel (Learner at love)

I guess a lot of people have spent more time than usual in their own crib this year. I have worked more hours than usual, so I have been grateful to come home to my little crub and crash.

Living Room, Sofa, Couch

It struck me that I have a very pleasant space here. These photos are from Pixabay, they are not my house. But I chose them because they are so similar. I have a light gray sofa and teal cushions. I have soft lighting. I have a white cabinet with wicker basket drawers. I have a teal ornamental vase.

Morning, Bedroom, Bed, Door, Girl, Indoors, Person

I have Georgian windows and all the woodwork is pale cream. I have cream Venetian wooden blinds. This place is my little nest, but for one person it is a large space considering London rent. I have an open plan kitchen/dining/sitting area, which is tastefully furnished and comfortable.

I am hidden away behind…

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