The Small Dog Shows Support…

The Small Dog

Some people need to learn to sleep,

Adjust their body clock,

Not keep a guard dog wide awake…

It sends the job acock


She spends her evening counting sheep,

Her nights at half-awake,

I spend my time in dreams of sleep

And wish her count would break.


She says it’s not her choice at all,

She’ll do her best with trying,

That it’s not ’cause she’s being mean

That she is not complying.


“‘ll tell you what, my girlie,

Let’s see if some little changes

To our routine might tip the scale

…I’ll just go and arrange it.”


I’m down with that, a change or two

May be what’s really needed…

I gave her my agreement…

She looked pleased that I conceded.


“Well, for a start, O Small Dog,”

She comes back with smug expression,

“As everything now must be clean

You’ll bow to my…

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