So what’s it worth?

Jim Webster

Pony paddock for sale? Well somebody round here is asking £150,000 for slightly over four acres. Now to be fair, it’s good land. In spite of talk about fencing and stables, I suspect that with a bit of care and a loader tractor with a decent set of pallet forks, you could clear in for ploughing in a morning. And that assumes you try to move stuff away in a useable manner.

But the sale value as agricultural land is perhaps £30,000. But even that figure assumes you’re spreading the cost of this land over a lot more which cost you far less. If you actually had to farm it so it could pay for itself, the price would probably be less than a quarter of that.

But how did we end up here? A friend of mine works in the Shipyard. The chap at the next desk put down…

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