#WildlifeWednesday – Looking Up! – Bald Eagles & Ospreys Part 1

The Write Stuff

Welcome back to #WildlifeWednesday. This post will be a lot shorter than last week’s as I’ll be breaking it into at least two parts. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the basic differences between bald eagles and ospreys, both very common birds in Florida, and then learning a little more about eagles this week. Next time around, I’ll wrap up with some facts about ospreys, including some very interesting adaptations they have.

But first, how do you tell these two large birds of prey apart?

When seen up close, there’s no real problem. Mature bald eagles are solid brown birds with snow white heads and tails. They have a huge yellow beak, too. Ospreys have smaller black beaks and a dark brown eye-stripe that breaks up the white feathering on the head. 

Like bald eagles, ospreys have dark brown backs but they are white beneath. They also have dark bands…

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