In a Vase on Monday: Countrystyle

Rambling in the Garden

Yet another vase idea has been hijacked before it could be carried out, kicked into touch by the bedding fuchsias lifted from a trough yesterday as part of a mammoth effort to get all my tulips planted regardless of the wet weather, a successful task well worth the resultant soaking!

The ‘bedding fuchsias’ were bought from Aldi earlier this year to provide an added variation to the pots and containers on the paved area, and I have often used them in this particular trough where they have generally made a reasonable impact – but not so this year. I think I have bought trailing varieties before whereas these were classed as upright; their undoing, however, was the mass of foliage which dominated the plants, all but covering any flowers. It is really only in the last few weeks that the flowers have become more visible, albeit still heavily shrouded in…

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