How Do I Write a Novel?

Tammy Deschamps

You’re a reader and you’ve got a creative spark. An idea has been brewing in your head. You’ve decided to write a novel. You sit down at your keyboard, or open a notebook and uncap your pen, and then you stare at the page. Why? You’ve read hundreds of books over the span of your life, but no one has taught you how to write one.

Should you go back to school and get a degree in creative writing? Sure, if you have the time and the money. If you don’t, the good news is, it’s not necessary. There are plenty of best selling and even obscure writers out there who write really well, but have degrees in other fields.

One thing you can do, is take online classes or go to a community college and learn the basics. A good writing class can be a solid foundation. Many universities…

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