On the fiddle

Tallis Steelyard

Jiggy was only ever known as Jiggy. Obviously I cannot vouch for the fact that he was never, in his youth, known as ‘Young Jiggy’ because that is well before my time. But in his old age he was never ‘Old Jiggy’, there was no other Jiggy.

Now Jiggy played the fiddle. Admittedly the only difference between his fiddle and a violin was that the bridge was flatter than you’d expect. The big difference is the nature of the music.

Now Jiggy never claimed to write music. As a youth, he’d arrived in Port Naain from Partann with his fiddle and a head full of folk tunes. Over the years he’d collected more folk tunes and between ourselves, I think that when he wrote them down, he wrote what they ought to be, not what a lot of very amateur musicians had in point of fact being playing. I suspect…

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