Tom Jones amazing song and a poem.


  If I had magic

Johnnie walked the California Fault line alone. Looking for a ancient and holy place. The desert mountain hard and her natural beauty. Perfect place to hide wishing wells and to burn some sage. A place to pray.

Once I knew anger, war and greed.
Now I sit by Captain Jack, great Chief of the Modoc tribe, hidden waterfall.
I whispered silently to Captain Jack.
We lost great warrior.
Men is killing nature and killing each other.
I come to you, praying for a wish.
To make some wishes into the waterfall and the mountains.

                  If I had magic

If I had magic.
I would wish for every child to have shelter, food and safe place to live.
I would wish for the men of war to become men of peace.
They would send water, food and medicine instead of soldiers and guns.

I burn…

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