The Spit-take

This, That, and The Other

“You never read the newspapers,” Harry said. “You never watch the news. You have to be the most incurious person I know.”

“First of all, Harry,” Richard, drinking his morning orange juice sitting across the kitchen table from Harry, said, “you’re my roommate, not my mother. “Second of all, it’s not that I lack curiosity, it’s that I’m sick and tired of all the political crap that’s swirling all around us, so I’m boycotting the news. And third of all, is ‘incurious’ even a real word? Isn’t ‘uncurious’ the word you’re searching for?”

“Let me Google it,” Harry said. He pulled out his iPhone, went to Google, and said, “Well, either word, “incurious” or “uncurious,” could fit. It turns out that ‘incurious’ means lacking interest or curiosity and to be uninterested, while ‘uncurious’ is a synonym for ‘incurious.’”

“That’s good to know, Harry,” Richard said. “And now that I…

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