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Didi Oviatt

Here we are, celebrating James J. Cudney on his next big adventure – the second instalment of the Glass saga. I absolutely loved Watching Glass Shatter. In fact, it was and is still my all time favorite debut!! That said, it’s no big surprise just how much I loved this second book involving the Glass family. Loved it!! Now, before I get into a lengthy and in depth review of this phenomenal follow up, Hiding Cracked Glass, let me just point out that I’ve been writing with James over the last year.

Figured I’d get that little fact out there — before you read my review and then find it out later on in my post. Don’t want you readers being all gudgy, thinking I’m favoring this book based on anything other than the book itself… and stuff.

Haha, just kidding…. 

kind of lol

Anyhow, back to the task at…

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