Timeless Mind

Milky Way, Galaxy, Night, Sky, Stars
Photo Credit : Pixabay

I remember the autumn of 1987. I sat in the lap of the hills of Mussourie, India, at night. The infinity of the cosmos, our home, the milky way could be seen with the naked eye. As I looked up and gazed at the sheer enormity of it, an older Tibetan lady perched herself next to me.

She said to me, “beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I replied in complete wonderment.

She then asked me if I believed in God.

I had actually never thought about it. So I told her that it wasn’t my priority.

“It doesn’t really matter whether you have a belief or not. Just know that you have friend, a permanent best friend, the Universe. It is all powerful and helpful. If you ever get into a tight spot, ask this friend for help,” she told me.

I peered into her old eyes…

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