All on me


I didn’t want to lose you

But I couldn’t find find the words,

That would convince you to stay

I am just a flawed guy,

Who loves you in an awkward kind of way,

My heart aches when not here

And I feel a desperate sense of being alone,

I just want to tell you this

But you will not answer the phone,

You mean everything to me

You’re beautiful so stunning to see,

You are simply, the very air that I breathe

But I don’t say this to you and that’s on me,

Because I am worried it would sound to corny

And because of this, you chose to leave,

I couldn’t love you more

But you just never felt this,

And that is why I am flawed

I am sorry if you ever felt ignored,

I know just how I feel, I have trouble saying it,

And now…

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