No-one home…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I should have woken, on my birthday, to a view of a Scottish loch and autumnal hillsides… perhaps even a glimpse of late-blooming heather…and a humungous Scottish breakfast. Instead, I woke to the knowledge that I could not eat all afternoon until the CT scan was done and there would be a long wait for answers ahead. Still, I was not alone and it was a  glorious day.

Two days before, we had not only been allowed, but invited into a church. We had visited a stone circle for the first time in many months… even shared a cider outside a pub. It almost felt as if normality were beginning, slowly, to return. We took that as a good sign.

“Let’s go to ORC,” said my companion. ‘Our rainbow chapel’, where so many of our adventures have taken flight, is a very special place, both to us and in its…

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