Losing your bottle. How is farming going to cope with the public?

Jim Webster

The bottle lies discarded at the side of our lane, tossed out of a car window. You have to admit it makes a change from crisp packets, Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets and McDonald’s wrappers and drinks cartons. But then there’s a lot of it about. I went up to Scotland to see my daughter. Junction 36 of the M6 was ‘experiencing difficulties’ so, forewarned, I decided I’d cut through the Lake District and join the M6 at Penrith. After all I left home at 9am, so traffic shouldn’t be so bad. It might not be bad but I got stuck behind a Porsche. It was one of the ones that looks a bit like a Range Rover from behind, and it did thirty miles an hour from Newby Bridge to beyond Bowness. The driver just dawdled. Finally when we got to the roundabout with the A591 and he turned north…

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One thought on “Losing your bottle. How is farming going to cope with the public?

  1. “Leave No Trace.” The Burning Man Mantra. It has nothing to do with influence or being influenced, and everything to do with the fact that if your Mom still cleans your room, you have a problem. Pack it in. Pack it out.

    I just saw someone yesterday just drop a McDonald’s bag out of their car window. Guess they were done with it. I was always taught, “When you are done with something, put it away so its presence doesn’t fetter the next, though is there for it to brace against.” That’s an intensely long-winded way to say to pick up after yourself. And yes, that is an order rather than a suggestion.

    Who ARE these people so entitled as to drop a bag from their car? Seriously. Who are these people? I don’t remember signing an environmental babysitting contract with anyone but myself. Guess they didn’t. It’s ok. I have a mantra To keep out the Rantra.


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