It has to be healthy, it’s got honey in it.

Tallis Steelyard

This is a story about pilgrimage and the quest for enlightenment. A moral tale, a story written for the spiritually discerning. Even as I write it I have to stop to wipe away a tear.

There are all sorts of shrines and fanes where those who seek closer communion with the divine can repair and spend time in contemplation. Maljie was recommended (by the incumbent no less) to spend some time in such a place, contemplating her manifold sins and wickedness and generally preparing herself for a frank and open exchange of views with Aea herself. Or so at least it was reported to me. Others have claimed that an Archhierophant had personally commented in the hearing of his assorted myrmidons, “Who will rid me of this turbulent temple warden.” Apparently, our incumbent was unwilling to have the open area around the shrine littered with the groaning bodies of ecclesiastical…

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