Senseless Thursday Sarcasm : Lang-wage

Two on a Rant

Last night, I was thinking…

Yes, I know that’s never a good idea, but my brain makes me do it anyway.

My work days are spent writing reports, and yet I rarely consider the years required to learn how one word glues to the next and creates a thought.

Yes, I’m talking about word glue.  Did you know there isn’t a meme for that?

Some days the words we have had to use can be confusing.

  • There was a sentence in the paper about a court sentence when sent ants sent with scented candles sent tense people scurrying.
  • I can’t bear the fact that the bear was bare.
  • I said aye when I had an eye patch.
  • Mr. Wright can write right during a rite.
  • The ewe she had had had had you cornered.
  • I know of no notable knowledgeable nomads.

I could go on, but my brain is numb.

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