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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Promotional image by Teagan R Geneivene Promotional image by Teagan R Geneivene

I hope everyone in the USA enjoyed a nice Labor Day. 

It’s sad, but I’ve barely touched my novel in progress… That’s pretty much been how it is since January.  However, lately I’ve been getting a lot done toward “bookizing” my dieselpunk novella, Hullaba Lulu.  I’m on schedule to publish it by the end of this month. 

Coming Soon!

Lulu’s Gramps runs a speakeasy that’s hidden beneath a subway entrance that looks a lot like this one.  It has an “emergency exit” (in case the revenuers raid the place) that goes to an abandoned section of the subway.

Promotional image by Teagan R. GenevienePromotional image by Teagan R. Geneviene

Here’s a book trailer I made this weekend.  I made all the images for it — most of them from “scratch” (I mean, extreme alterations to vintage photos, and image collages).  It was a ton…

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