FOWC with Fandango — Encounter


I remember Maggie’s first encounter with a horse.
We had covered practically everything in her introduction to town life and the human world, except horses and trains.
She was never accepting of trains, and would hide behind Hubby’s legs if we had to stop at the crossing in Poole High Street for one to pass, but there was no excuse for forgetting horses as we used to go to the New Forest every Sunday!
New Forest ponies are smaller animals compared to a standard horse, and Barney actually herded one up and presented it to us one day, but with Maggie, we never saw any, so when we were at Weston Super Mare visiting MOH, two girls were exercising their horses and we asked if we could introduce them to our dog.
Safe in Hubby’s arms, she was held up to the mare’s nose. There was a lot of sniffing…

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