Robyn Reviews: A Girl Made of Air


“All we can do is perform our lives as gloriously as possible.”

This is spellbinding. The entire novel is slightly ethereal – like every good circus trick, your senses create an illusion and it’s never certain what’s truly going on. It weaves its tale slowly, drawing you in like the sight of the tents in the distance. Then you step across the threshold, the lights go out, and the show begins.

The protagonist is Mouse – the greatest funambulist who ever lived. World-renowned, Mouse is now retired and gives one last interview. In the aftermath, she sits down and goes over her diaries, reminiscing over her life. She has a tale to tell, and wants to entertain her audience one last time.

Mouse is fascinating. She goes from a naive, innocent child, navigating the murky world of a circus where she doesn’t know her place, to a precocious child star…

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