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Brookstone Builders, Inc. Friday Funny/Construction high ...

My son’s wetroom is currently spread between the lounge, the bedroom and the car park… not much of it is actually in the bathroom. The spare bedroom that became the gym is covered in wet paint and dustsheets… because somebody, who shall remain nameless, decided that now would be a perfect time to strip it out and turn it into a bedroom again.

Everything that was in there is now spread throughout the house, mixed in with bathroom fittings and bits of arcane pipework. The entire place… and my car too… is covered in a thick pall of stone dust from the travertine tiles that are being cut to shape. And he wants to tile the kitchen next…

Everywhere you walk, you fall over electricians, tilers and plumbers and I keep running out of mugs for their tea…

I can neither locate nor access half the stuff I need to…

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