Today is Monday 24th August


Our vet appointment this morning is just before 10 am, so we shall have to leave a good hour before that to ensure Maggie can have a potty break and do the business en route.
I found a nice substantial poo in the garden last night that wasn’t there earlier so she had passed a motion yesterday which was a relief. I have dealt with dogs with upset tummies and diarrhea, but I have never dealt with one that is constipated.
As dog owners (and other pets too) we become a connoisseur of poo and know when our fur babies are out of sorts as my Mum used to say. I can clean up either end after a dog, but a human being is not so good and I am likely to join in, though when Hubby was really poorly on the boat with the Novovirus in 2016, I set…

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