Sunday Writing Prompt –23rd August – Choosing your Context – Supermarket


The strangest thing happened as I went into the supermarket.

Past me ran a man in mask pursued by a woman in a flowing gold sequined cape brandishing a pack of frozen peas and screaming: “You just wait till I catch you, I’ll give something to think about.”

They disappeared around the frozen food section but I was on a mission to get my weekly shopping done and was not going to be distracted by such obvious illusions.

As I approached the tin food section a man jumped out of a large tin of baked beans and said: “Psst!, Pssts! Wanna buy a magic bean?”

I politely said no and he sank back down into the can muttering: “You’ll be sorry.”

I told myself to stay focused as the shopping centre was famous for the gimmicks it employed to sell and make you buy what you might not normally purchase.

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