Here comes the Sun

It’s 5 am and the sun is about to rise
But I’m not able to shut my eyes
My mind is wandering here and there
This happens every day now, which was earlier rare

Then I ask myself what exactly is the reason
It’s the end of the summer season
Start of the fall
Yet the satisfaction of everything is so small
Why am I upset
Is it a pain of a regret
Is it a matter of the heart
Or a dilemma in the brain
For the remedy where should I start
Else this thing will drive me insane

Am I taking unnecessary worries
Lost the control in life’s hurries
Need to regain the control
Otherwise, this will definitely take a toll

I don’t know where I’ll go
Right now, I’m just swimming in the flow.
But where am I heading, to the shore or the ocean
In front…

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