On Fire

Peacock Poetry

As an Aries girl there is just no getting away from the fire inside! If I try to withhold it, it is an energy that is felt anyway and so it really is best for me to give it its space! It is not an angry or destructive fire but it is energetic, passionate and pretty full on the truth be told. It compels me to speak from my heart come what may and to speak uncomfortable truth at times. What element do you feel most strongly connected to?

Creative Fire

It’s how I’m made, it’s how I’m wired

My soul is a Creative Fire

Come from the raw, the heat, the mess

I burn inside when unexpressed

The flames invoke, the flames speak truth

Fuck those who find the wild uncouth

I’m full-on passion, turned on heat

and I march to my own damn beat

I chase the light…

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