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MorgueFIle March2020 e598b2fda82621c99650a2950367faa6
MorgueFIle March2020 e598b2fda82621c99650a2950367faa6


“Is that the last of them?”

Yes, Madame President,” the agent replied. “All accounted for and recorded.”

“Well let’s get on with it then,” she said.

A half hour later a huge controlled explosion rocked the New Mexico desert. 

It had taken months of planning to orchestrate.  An amnesty followed by court-ordered confiscations had secured most of the contraband.  Later there had been resistance and some unfortunate violent clashes, but in the end it was done.

What had really been hard was getting people to see that their constitutional rights had not been infringed.  After all, the people still had the right to keep and bear arms.  The Second Amendment never mentioned bullets, however.




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