Breaking Complacency, Conquering My Fear and Pushing My Own Limitations


Life without working in the corporate world can be slow and comfortable. It is easy to slip into routine and become complacent. If I haven’t homeschooled my child or become a freelancer, I won’t have many goals to accomplish or to aim for. Then my existence is plainly for survival – to eat and sleep and repeat the routine. That to me is one dangerous territory that I never want to find myself in.

With the current pandemic situation, I found myself slowly but surely veering towards complacency. I couldn’t volunteer just yet because my organization (mainly made up of moms and young children) haven’t given the green light to go ahead with playgroup activities.

The freelancing business has been steady but slow. And the biggest push to make me do something really epic and challenging is that this year taught me to be grateful to be alive and healthy…

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