Notes from a Small Dog: Weathering the weather…

The Small Dog

I’ve been a hot dog this week, with the sun blasting down so much we couldn’t even go for a walk except early mornings… and these days, I like to sleep a bit later. She’s done her best to keep me cool, though, leaving all the blinds closed till the sun was off the house. Which was also cool as it meant I didn’t have to worry about warning off intruders like horses, hang-gliders and pigeons. I’ve slept a lot.

Mind, she did say I was slacking a bit when the red kite landed in the garden and I didn’t tell her about it… she just saw it take off again. Now, I think she’s being a bit unfair there, ‘cause if I’d have barked, it would have just flown away even sooner and she wouldn’t have seen it at all!

But anyway, today was the hottest yet and, with…

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