For a Moment

A Dalectable Life

Lying down on my lawn chair
Past midnight.
A candle on the table my main source of light
Serenaded by the cricket orchestra
(It really needs a little something extra, it’s rather monotonous)

Feeling the damp settle on my exposed skin
I gaze up at the stars
Electrical wire in the way
Thinking I should move so I can see better

But why
It’s not like I recognize anything besides the Big Dipper
and maybe Venus – Is that her?

3 gin and tonics in
I’m a tad fuzzy-minded
(and less inhibited)
So what?
I don’t work tomorrow, I’ve no responsibilities
For a moment
I fancy myself a poet
I know I’m not; I can pretend
Who cares?

I know I’m just a girl
(Can I use the term girl when I’m middle-aged?_
Yes I can because only a girl would say how I feel
As I lie here wishing

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