The Small Dog’s Salad Days…

The Small Dog

Let us talk about ears,

It’s a subject that’s sore,

And the two-legs gets cross

If I scratch with a paw

(Even though, I would say

That’s what paws are made for.)


Now, I have floppy ears

Which, as everyone knows,

(And especially dogs

Who have got two of those)

Tend to get a bit sticky

And trouble the nose.


So, the first time it happened

We went to the vet

And they stuck me with pins

Saying that’s the best bet.

(And, I’ll tell you, I haven’t

Forgiven her yet).


She decided we’d try it

Her own special way,

And she cleans them with

Natural stuff every day

(And I wonder what next

She will bring to the fray?)


We’ve tried all the flowers,

The leaves and the bark,

She’s made stuff from herbs

That we picked in the park.

(I’m still none too keen

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