Impending Danger #WIPWednesday

Joan Hall

Hey, everyone. Time for another WIP Wednesday. Today, I’ll share an excerpt from Cold Dark Night. But first, let me introduce you to someone and explain how I got her name.

I’ve used various methods for coming up with character names—random generators, popular name sites, keeping of a list of ones I encounter. However, this one came about unexpectedly while driving to work. Well, maybe I should have expected it since I am a Beatles fan and my favorite album is Abbey Road.

As usual, I was listening to music. Suddenly, the idea popped in my head. Characters named Abbey and Penny.

Not the “real” Abbey Road but a residential street in my hometown.

Abbey Lane grew up in the town of Madeira, went away to college, then returned to take a job as the local librarian. She has an older sister named Penny.

And yes, we have a Penny…

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